Women Led Business (WLB) Trainings – Special Initiative Manager

Scope of Work Summary:

USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) requires the services of a Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA)/consultant to provide support and help increase outreach, processing and follow up for a series of ongoing and upcoming training sessions (especially online sessions) for women entrepreneurs:

  • Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness trainings
  • FinLit or any other trainings for WLBs

1. Position Title and Department:

WLB Trainings – Special Initiative Manager

2. General Summary:

Chemonics International is implementing USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA), which is a five-year, USD 35 million project that is aimed at improvement of financial and operating performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Pakistan in selected high-performing industrial, manufacturing and services sectors. SMEA’s development hypothesis is that MSME-led economic growth will result in poverty reduction, job creation, and entrepreneurship development contributing to increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The project has a special interest in encouraging Women-Led Businesses (WLBs) to ensure that they are able display similar signs of growth as male-led businesses (increase in sales, jobs and exports). The constraints around business growth for small WLBs were initially identified during SMEA’s Market Led Sector Analysis, and then confirmed again through further meetings with stakeholders. These challenges were also identified as a part of the Business Enabling Environment (BEE) Analysis, which found that the same issues faced by male owned enterprises were accentuated when faced by female entrepreneurs. It was found that receiving support in terms of skill building in certain areas will enable women entrepreneurs to promote and manage their businesses more efficiently and confidently. Hence, SMEA’s targeted training efforts for WLBs since 2018 have resulted in a steady improvement in their economic performance as well as greater resilience to unprecedented challenges (particularly during COVID-19). For this reason, SMEA has been continuously organizing in-person and online need-based trainings as part of the Competitiveness Enhancement (CE) component under Sub-Objective 2.5 (Women Entrepreneurs Run Profitable SMEs).

So far, SMEA has carried out 35+ training activities to engage 700+ women owned MSMEs (36 percent of the project portfolio) from across all six regions (48 districts) of Pakistan. Some of the most popular training modules have included Business Management and Marketing (BMM), Sales and Taxation, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Youth, Improving Financial Worthiness and Online Marketing with #SheMeansBusiness. The project has partnered with a range of private and public sector entities to achieve these results, which have included Women Chambers, Associations, Incubators, foodpanda, Facebook and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Each of these training types served a different purpose and catered to a diverse audience. Under BMM, the participants learned how to identify an ideal customer persona, to accurately determine the size of their target market, to decide appropriate product prices, and to use digital marketing tools to effectively reach their target audience. The same sessions were then held online and contextualized for micro-level food businesses, to train home chefs in collaboration with foodpanda when COVID-19 was at its peak in Pakistan. Moreover, the entrepreneurship bootcamp offered a specialized agenda for young WLBs belonging to KP/NMD’s entrepreneurial eco-system, covering concepts such as fundraising journey, business growth and planning and understanding investor mindset/investor pitches.

In continuation to these efforts, SMEA collaborated with Facebook to launch a global training program called #SheMeansBusiness in Pakistan. These online sessions focus on improving the uptake of Facebook owned platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) to boost online presence and sales for WLBs. This long-term partnership is based on leveraging private sector engagement to provide free of cost trainings on online marketing by Facebook Certified Trainers. Over the past few months, the relevance of these trainings has grown exponentially due to COVID-19, as the need to remotely but successfully market a business through social media was augmented during the pandemic induced lockdowns. The project has received an overwhelming response with 1,068 online applications for #SheMeansBusiness and successfully supported 280 of these MSMEs. These MSMEs have participated in nine-hour long sessions (split into two days), and the project has consistently carried out two trainings a month since June 2020. With its dedicated effort, SMEA aims to train at least another 300 WLBs in the near future.

In addition to this, the CE team is also in discussion with Facebook to launch a new online module for existing and new beneficiaries on Financial Literacy (FinLit), which will focus on Access to Finance (A2F) and digital solutions for WLBs. These trainings will be launched in the coming months and continue during the course of FY4 depending upon the demand received. On the basis of these results, SMEA has decided to continue these and new online training modules to support a larger number of WLBs (while building more coverage in regions such as KP/NMDs). There is already a demand and anticipation from the applicants in the pipeline, and with the launch of a new module, an even greater demand is expected. Finally, these trainings are expected to not only enhance knowledge of participating WLBs, but also create avenues for the expansion of the BDS support program, particularly in terms of reaching out to previously untapped geographical regions of Pakistan.

To increase outreach, induction, screening, registration and follow up with a larger number of WLBs for these trainings, SMEA intends to induct a Special Initiative Manager, as outlined in the Year 4 workplan, to support the WLB Specialist.

3. Objective of the Consultancy:

USAID SMEA wants the support of an STTA for the enhance the outreach and scale of online trainings for WLBs that are planned to be held on the following proposed topics:

  • Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness trainings
  • FinLit or any other anticipated trainings for WLBs

A series of trainings have been planned as per the following tentative schedule during 2020-2021:


Training plan

#SheMeansBusiness modules


From 5-7 additional trainings in 2021 (depending upon applications)

Financial Literacy or any other new modules


Up to 15 trainings from April 2021 to December 2021for WLBs


Additional trainings in 2021 (depending upon applications)

4. Duties and responsibilities:

The STTA will be required to increase the scale of WLB training sessions as proposed by the technical team. All the activities performed by the STTA must be in line with the awarded contract and scope of work. The consultant will perform the activity by keeping in view the business protocols/scope and quality parameters defined in the contract as per Chemonics policies. The STTA will also be responsible to produce and submit all deliverables with supporting documents mentioned in deliverable schedule.

5. Specific Tasks of the STTA:

The STTA as WLB Training Special Initiative Manager will build outreach to gather a large number of WLBs for approximately 20 training sessions. The STTA will be responsible for a series of tasks, which will be carried out on a session to session basis during the course 2021. In a nutshell, the STTA will be expected to carry out the following duties as part of its consultancy under CE:

  • Building outreach with new and existing partners to engage 300-400 new WLBs, especially for online training events
  • Reviewing and finalizing relevant participant lists
  • Making arrangements for approximately 20 sessions
  • Coordinating with the trainers and M&E team
  • Engaging with participants (pre and post training) to collect registrations/feedback
  • Monitoring the 9-hour sessions for the full duration to maximize participation
  • Distributing certificates to WLBs that successfully complete the training
  • Reporting on progress against each training
    • Number of WLBs reached
    • Number of WLBs that inducted new management practices
    • Number of WLBs that began using new technical innovations
    • Any increase in sales, jobs and exports as a result of the trainings
    • Identify needs for new potential trainings
    • Any other tasks that may come up for the successful execution of the session

6. Duty Station:

The STTA should be available to work with the USAID SMEA team out of SMEA’s Islamabad/Lahore/Karachi/other offices as and when required. In the case of travel and lodging, the cost will be paid according to the standard Chemonics’ policy. Consultant will be based in Islamabad.

7. Reporting:

The STTA will report to the WLB CE Specialist under the CE Component Lead or any other designated staff and will work closely with other members of the CE team.

8. Duration of the Assignment:

This assignment is planned to take place as per start date of on or around April 19, 2021 and end date of on or around December 31, 2021, for up to a total of 78 days Level of Effort (LOE).

9. Deliverables:

Following are the key deliverables and their associated deadlines, and these will be discussed and agreed with the technical team and the STTA:


Activities / Deliverables



Meeting to discuss expectations, training delivery plan, points of contact, and reporting requirements (Engage in a session to build understanding of protocols)

Included below


19 sessions from April 2021 to December 2021

(average of 3 days/per training and 1 day for reporting/per month)



Future sessions in 2021 (if any) depending upon the workplan



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